Massachusetts Community College Council

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Community College Council

Welcome to the Massachusetts Community College Council (MCCC), a union of the faculty, librarians, counselors, and other professionals, for the 15 community colleges of the Commonwealth.

Founded in 1977, the "M-triple-C" was founded when there was no state support for the educators working in our public colleges, and when, recognizing that, the Commonwealth passed legislation permitting the professionals in public higher education to form unions.

The Division of Continuing Education unit (MCCC-DCE) was formed in 1991. It includes practically all* of the part-time teaching faculty in the 15 Massachusetts community colleges.

The purpose of these pages is to facilitate
  • introducing new part-time teaching and support professional unit members to the MCCC
  • providing the MCCC with the information it needs to serve you
  • providing you with a convenient way to pay membership dues, should you wish to join us.

You should NOT fill out these forms in these situations:

  • If you are a full-time teacher or professional staff member at a Massachusetts community college. You would join the MCCC as a full-time member. Your chapter treasurer would be in touch with you.

  • If you are part-time or DCE but have filled out these forms before, you do not need to fill them out again unless you
    • have a new mailing address, or
    • want to start payroll deductions or
    • want to pay a bill by check or credit card or PayPal*.
  • Not sure? Please fill out the forms, it only takes 3 or 4 minutes!
    * If you have started payroll deductions they continue automatically unless you notify us otherwise.

  1. Use the following link for an explanation of MCCC dues and the advantages of membership. When you are done you can proceed to step 2 below: Click here for Advantages of Membership and dues rates.

  2. Use the following link to get started providing your contact and employment-related information and paying your dues.
    You will be able to pay using payroll deduction from your college**, by credit card through PayPal, PayPal account, or by check. If you already pay MTA and NEA dues through another local, you will be able to select and pay only the MCCC portion of the dues.

*A few of the part-time teaching faculty are included in the day unit. These are mostly working in clinical health-career areas.
**Most colleges will not provide payroll deductions for most part-time professional staff.